Submission Guidelines For Independent Filmmakers Seeking Review At The Aisle Seat

The Aisle Seat strives to be friendly to independent filmmakers. However, since I’m the sole critic on this site, reviewing every movie I’m offered is impossible. If you’re looking to have your film covered, here are some guidelines I hope will be helpful.

1. I Don’t Review Short Films - Nothing against shorts but, for time-related reasons, my focus is solely on feature-length films.

2. I Don’t Review Films That Are On The Festival Circuit - If a movie’s not in general release yet, it’s too soon for me to cover it. The only time I review a picture on the festival circuit is if it’s part of my coverage of the entire fest (i.e. Tribeca, Fantasia, Fantastic Fest, etc.).

3. I Only Review Current Theatrical Releases And The Occasional Major Streaming Release - Again, for reasons of time, I can really only consider covering movies in current or upcoming theatrical release, plus the occasional Netflix/Hulu/Prime Video “event” release. Once in a while, I’ll review a film that’s VOD-only, but just if it’s something that really grabs my interest. Eight times out of ten, that means a horror movie because horror does extremely well on the site.

4. The Only Rule Is There Are No Rules - The bottom line is that if I’m offered a movie and it’s something I really, really want to see, I’ll review it. In other words, you can always take your shot, even if your film is outside the guidelines. I love and respect independent filmmakers, so having to turn people down hurts. If you’re going to go this route, a good pitch is important because that’s what I’ll be responding to - and understand that it's nothing personal if I say no.

I sincerely thank you for your interest in The Aisle Seat!


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