Steven Universe: The Complete Collection

Steven Universe has consistently been one of Cartoon Network's highest-rated shows. The six-time Emmy-nominated series focuses on Steven, a young man with an extraordinary background. His deceased mother, Rose Quartz, was the leader of a group of aliens known as the Crystal Gems. They have one simple mission: to defend Earth from any threats that may present themselves. Steven has inherited his mom's special powers, giving him a leg up on that goal. The show, created by Rebecca Sugar, follows him on various adventures as he straddles between extraterrestrial and human worlds.

Fans of the show will delight at having every ounce of Steven Universe goodness in one box set. Steven Universe: The Complete Collection is a 15-disc set, packaged in handsome “storybook” form featuring Chromosphere artwork, that contains every episode of Steven Universe, the spinoff show Steven Universe Future, the hit TV film Steven Universe The Movie, and hours of all-new bonus content. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment releases this amazing set on December 8.

Here's a more specific breakdown of what's included:

Steven Universe - All 160 episodes from five seasons are present in the set. Bonus features include “Behind the Music,” which looks at the important role of songs in the series. Footage from a “listening party” with Rebecca Sugar comprise another feature. Five music videos follow, along with two song demos, and a large handful of animatics. One fifth season episode, “Change Your Mind,” comes with audio commentary.

Steven Universe Future - This spinoff, which served as an epilogue to the show, depicts events taking place after the climactic war between the Crystal Gems and Homeworld. It is notable for a progressive tone, including the prominence of LGBT themes, as well as an exploration of psychological trauma. Bonus features for Future are animatics and an audio commentary on the episode “The Future.”

Steven Universe: The Movie - The hit TV movie is also accounted for. Taking place in between the main show and Future, it finds Steven and the Crystal Gems taking on a new menace, one with a past tie to Rose Quartz. Bonus features are a behind-the-scenes documentary, and several animatics.

Bonus Disc - The final disc in the set is filled with supplementary materials. The sing-along version of Steven Universe: The Movie, which was shown in theaters, is here. So are music videos and eleven “mini-sodes.”

As you can see, it's Steven Universe overload, which is exactly what fans want. The show holds up to repeat viewings – I know this because my 12-year-old son has watched it a million times. With well-produced supplementary materials and beautiful packaging, Steven Universe: The Complete Collection is guaranteed to satisfy people who can't get enough of this smart, funny, and inventive franchise.

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Note: A complimentary copy of this release was provided by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment for the purposes of this review.

Steven Universe: The Complete Collection is rated TV-PG for some thematic elements.