"Kingdom Kong" and "Godzilla Dominion"

Godzilla vs. Kong is one of the most eagerly-anticipated movies of 2021 (and you can read my review of it right here). To go along with this notable cinematic adventure, Legendary Comics is releasing two graphic novel prequels. Kingdom Kong and Godzilla Dominion will hit shelves on April 6. They are must-reads for fans of these characters.

Kingdom Kong - Written by Marie Anello with art by ZID, this 86-page work follows Audrey, a military pilot still emotionally reeling from a previous mission that put her and a close friend in contact with Godzilla. Now Kong Island is being attacked by a winged creature called Camazotz. Audrey is called back into action, only to find herself experiencing self-doubt. Her teammates pick up on that, also questioning whether she's fit to participate in the mission to help Kong.

The story does an excellent job mixing hardcore action with a more personal story. The panels depicting Kong fighting Camazotz while the pilots carry out an aerial assault are beautifully drawn to convey a sense of action. Some are so gorgeously done that you could put them in a frame and hang them on your wall. Audrey's arc, meanwhile, brings substance to the tale, intriguingly suggesting how traumatic it would be for people coming face-to-face with titans like Kong and Godzilla. All in all, Kingdom Kong is an exiting, satisfying read whose ending takes you right up to the beginning of the new movie.

Kingdom Kong

Godzilla Dominion - Written by Greg Keyes with art by Drew Edward Johnson, this graphic novel has no use for humans. It's all Godzilla and the creatures he encounters. The story picks up right after Godzilla: King of the Monsters, with the Titans having risen. Godzilla does combat with some of them to prove his dominance. The entire tale is told from the character's POV, concluding with him feeling a calling toward Kong. That sets up where he is at the start of the film.

As with Kingdom Kong, Godzilla Dominion is stunningly illustrated. There's so much detail in the panels where Godzilla fights other creatures that you can easily stare at them for several minutes, just soaking it all in. I also like the fact that this story takes a different, but complimentary approach to its companion book. The characters have individual personalities, so it makes sense to give their prequel books individual styles. Best of all, Godzilla Dominion provides context into the psychological motivations that drive him in the movie.

Godzilla Dominion

Both books do an excellent job building up to Godzilla vs. Kong. They feel like natural lead-ins. And if you want even more, Legendary Comics is releasing an entire slate of titles related to the characters. Here's the full breakdown:

March 30, 2021:

  • Kong & Me

    April 6, 2021:

  • Godzilla Dominion
  • Kingdom Kong
  • Godzilla vs. Kong: Sometimes Friends Fight (But They Always Make Up)
  • Godzilla vs. Kong: The Official Movie Novelization

    May 11, 2021: Monsterverse Titanthology Vol 1

    May 21, 2021: Godzilla vs. Kong: One Will Fall, The Art of the Ultimate Battle Royale

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