Cinepocalypse Preview

It's time once again for Cinepocalypse! Chicago's historic Music Box Theater plays host to this film festival, which runs from June 13-June 20. Genre films from around the world are shown. Supplementing them are special screenings, guest appearances, parties, and much more. Both feature-length films and shorts are included. Anyone with an interest in genre cinema absolutely needs to pay attention to this event.

The 2019 edition of Cinepocalypse is packed with exciting movies. Here are just a few of the anticipated highlights, which will give you an understanding of what makes this particular fest so special.

Verotika - Rocker Glenn Danzig makes his directorial debut with this mysterious thriller. It's literally mysterious – the exact plot is unknown, although it is said to be based on material from Danzig's adult-content comic book publishing company. Seeing what he unleashes should be a lot of fun.

Villains - Maika Monroe and It's Bill Skarsgard star in this tale of amateur criminals who break into a home and discover that the owners have a dark secret they will do just about anything to protect.

Mope - Based on a true story, Mope is about two porn actors who get caught up in a murder. This one looks to offer a lot of the sordid elements genre fans love, while also possessing a fascinating human quality.

Bliss - Writer/director Joe Begos, whose The Mind's Eye was delightfully trippy, returns with another twisted tale. A painter struggles to deal with a creative block and subsequently spirals into what the festival guide describes as “a hallucinatory hellscape of sex, drugs, and murder in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles.” Who could resist that?

Darlin' - Pollyanna McIntosh writes, directs, and stars in this follow-up to Lucky McKee's terrific The Woman. She's a real talent, so this film is worth keeping an eye on.

Tammy and the T-Rex - The original R-rated cut of this wacky 1994 Denise Richards/Paul Walker flick is rarely shown in public. Cinepocalypse will show it!

These are just a few of the notable screenings this year. For more information on the entire awesome Cinepocalypse schedule, be sure to check out their official website. The Aisle Seat will be covering this year's festival, so stay tuned for reviews!