The Aisle Seat Blog is Back

A few years ago, I created The Aisle Seat Blog as an offshoot of The Aisle Seat. It was a place for things that were not movie reviews, such as in-depth articles, humor pieces, and general musings on film criticism. Some of the most popular and well-read things I’ve ever written appeared there.

And then catastrophe struck. For reasons I cannot explain, the WordPress program I was using went kablooey, refusing to work anymore. None of the articles were accessible any longer. It seemed like everything was gone permanently.

Thankfully, I was able to retrieve it all via the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine, a website that curates things that used to be on the internet but aren’t anymore. (Well, they kind of are, I guess. But whatever.)

I have now started this new blog to replace the old one. To begin, I’ve reposted many of the things from the previous blog. Some pieces were outdated, so I skipped them. The others are here, though, and they can now be read and (hopefully) enjoyed once again. New blog entries will follow in the not-too-distant future. I may also repost a few more old ones as I retrieve them.

Thanks for visiting the blog and The Aisle Seat. See you at the movies!

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