Adult Best Friends [Tribeca Festival Review]

One of the hardest things to do in life is to tell your bestie that you’re moving on to a new level that will reduce their prominence in your life. Adult Best Friends deals with that issue. This very funny comedy, which was part of the U.S. Narrative Competition at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival, offers broad laughs and sharp insights in equal measure. It’s a female-driven story with a smart point of view.

Katie (Katie Corwin) has become engaged to boyfriend John (Mason Gooding). She’s reluctant to tell codependent best friend Delaney (Delaney Buffett), knowing it will devastate her. After it’s suggested that breaking the news in a happy setting might cushion the blow, Katie plans a girls’ trip to the beach. There never seems to be a right moment, though, as a series of comic complications arise, including meeting a group of guys who, to Delaney’s delight, want to party with them.

Corwin and Buffett co-wrote the screenplay, and the latter directed. For that reason, Adult Best Friends has a ring of truth. The relationship between the fictional Katie and Delaney always feels authentic. Their back-and-forth bantering is often hilarious because it so perfectly captures the way super-close friends can create their own form of communication. You get a palpable sense of fondness, too. This isn’t a case of two actresses playing besties, it’s two real-life friends bringing their chemistry to the screen in service of a story. Both are terrific.

Several moments are laugh-out-loud funny, most notably one that demonstrates the hazards of popping a beer cap with one of those bottle opener shoes. The women’s fastidious Airbnb host, Dougie (Cory Walls), is similarly uproarious with his endless fussing, as is Cazzie David (daughter of Larry) playing Delaney’s perpetually cynical pal. The heart of the comedy, however, comes from the witty dialogue that allows for amusing interplay between the two leads. Watching the ready-to-grow Katie contend with the not-going-anywhere Delaney is pure gold.

Adult Best Friends uses humor to explore the evolution of friendships. Male or female, there’s something in here you can relate to. The last scene flawlessly infers what the characters have learned without needing to spell it out for the audience. This movie gets you smiling and laughing throughout, especially when it’s hitting close to home.


Adult Best Friends is unrated, but contains adult language, some drug content, and suggestive material. The running time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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